A group of technically strong and motivated individuals form the foundation of our organisation. When you work at AppDev, you will be respected for your technical capability and attitude above everything. This is what makes our company successful today.

You are a part of tight-knit group of like-minded individuals who value the quality of work and a positive atmosphere rather than hierarchy or positions. The company has a high retention rate. In rare cases that an employee leaves us, they usually want to return.

While we are very client-focused, your work-life balance is very important for us. We avoid accepting projects with unreasonable deadlines or unrealistic targets. We feel that this affects your quality of work, which eventually is counter-productive for our clients too.

If you so desire, you will be allowed to switch between projects and technology. The important thing for us is not whether you have an experience in one specific technology but that you have the right technical foundation and motivation.

If you are a person working in an unchallenging project and feel that your capabilities are not tested, then you should try working at AppDev. If you feel that you are working in a big company on a big project where you are just a number and no one notices your work, then AppDev could be the right choice for you - because here we respect your individuality and recognise your performance.